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Welcome to the course. I shall be using this page in order to organise WOE. You are required to obtain a UWSN e-mail address, and check this page on a weekly basis. All weekly writing assignments are required to be placed online for comment and editing. You thus need to type your work as soon as possible using a text editor or Word and save on your individual Bulletin Board. Thanks.

If you need to contact me then my e-mail address is
My mobile number is 0411 304-361.


Writing Resources on the Web
        You will find some of the hippest online articles here. Fantastic site. Check this one out. RA


Writer's Insite
        Writer's Insite is committed to providing the ultimate online community for writers of all genres and at all levels.

Sweetland Writing Center - Writing Resources

Professional Writing Supersite

Again well presented although not as attractive as the A+ site above. The page was probably a little too long for most peoples attention spans (meaning mine...!!) so it can be hard to absorb all of the information. There seemed to be some kind of patriotism motif going through this page - what with the flags and stuff which confused me - I didn't think it was relevant although maybe it is? AB

Another site devoted to commercial use-not something I would tag as as a writing resource. More of a commercial trap designed to take your money. HR

Gotham Writers' Workshop 

The #1 Resource for Classes and Information on Writing


Writers' Exchange - Susan Molthop

A+ Research & Writing

This site was well presented, text was large enough to read comfortably without straining eyes....the information appered to be useful although we didnt have that much time to do a real review as this exercise is to "get things started". The icons/buttons were colourful, attractive -- visually the site was great although sometimes thats a bad thing because one gets distracted by the visuals and doesnt really concentrate on what the text is really saying -- however this site is still easy to absorb despite the attractive visuals. AB

Purdue - Online Writing Lab


Rensselaer Writing Center

Nueva Library Research Goal

Info Zone

This site is really informative. It has search topics on practically everything, and the links are pretty informative themselves. This site focuses mainly on research, rather than writing, so it only provides information on topics that people might want to write about. This is a good site for the inquiring mind. Worth having a look at. MM

Hot Paper Topics

This site focuses on social topics from human rights through to the Cyberporn debate. The links are not all good though. Some links only take you to the Yahoo search site so you can search the topic yourself. However, some links lead to essays of other writers on the topic which are very informative. One disadvantage of this site: it looks a bit too messy. MM

Documents in the News

This site is very good. It is well set out, with lots of colours and graphics. It does not look messy, and it is easy to follow. All the information are arranged neatly and logically. This site focuses on the news and current affairs, with all the hot topics that have been covered in the news for the last 5 years. It also has an archive of past articles, which is very useful. MM



Dr. Gwen's Research Paper Information

UVic - Hypertext Writer's Guide

Writing Classes



Information for Writers of Fiction

This site contains links to thousands of articles which discuss many aspects of writing fiction. The links contain lots of detailed advice. There is an index containing a list of subjects with web links you may be interested in such as writers block, deadlines and career planning. It also contains helpful articles about being a writer, marketing manuscripts and copyright. More importantly, the last item on a link list is just as important as the first. MMa

Writers Write - The Write Resource


Children's Writing Resource Central

This site is extremely beneficial absolutely anyone wanting to venture into writing for children or experienced writers with their foot in the door already. The centre is very informative and as a bonus, very, very organised. The information is easy to digest, not cluttered, but adequately set out with sub- headings and clearly marked links to additional information. Advice on every aspect of the field is covered to provide for new and experienced writers. A greatly recommended site for those interested. 

Discover what writing for children is all about by a click of a button. It's for all writers whether you be a professional or beginner. There are plenty of links to similar sites. There's also a very useful article on the home page about how to get started as a children's writer and heaps of information about the tools you will need to succeed.  MMa

World Wide Words

I only skimmed through the site but i thought the website was very cluttered.It did however contain useful links to areas of exploring the english language. The different areas covered seemed useful and desciptive in the areas of grammar. The link called "Q&A" looked really interesting. It replies to queries on the stories of words. Overall the site semmed weird but wonderful. Anyone wanting to find out about words, what they mean, how to pronounce them, turns of phrases, typical words, weird words or just word crazy, this is a site for you! SK

ESSAY TOPICS and research help!

This site was very well set out- clear and reader friendly. It is an excellent resource for writing and provides valuable guides to essay writing. The site covered areas including: choosing a topic for starters to drafting and revising writing. I think it is a worthwhile site to visit for anyone who writes or intends to write. SK



Writing-Related Resource

This page was very well designed and thought out. The page contains some very useful tools, which are all briefly explained under headings such asbooks online, getting published, creative writing, etc. The site is very helpful to all writing needs and problems, it meets a variety of writing demands. There is even a library online. I found it very useful and will come back to it during major projects. ZV

Guide to Grammar and Writing

I wish I knew about this site last year. It is a very useful site for both high schoolers and university students. It might seem a litle immature to all those intellectuals out there, but for all those who need help with their grammar and writing this is the page for you. It divides writing and grammar usage into three levels sentence level, paragraph level and essay level. It goes through step by step instructions on how and why to use certain rules. It even has a quiz at the end to test your grammar and writing capability. ZV

Some very useful help on something we all tend to have troubles with- grammar. Find out how to improve your writing by developing your essay skills, structuring sentences and by learning about abbreviations, plurals, possessives, capitalization, run-on sentences, verbs and more. There's also a very helpful index and FAQ File. Then, test your skills by completing one of over 150 challenging graded
grammar quizzes to test your new-found knowledge. There are also many links to other similar sites on the web. MMa

inkspot - The Writer's Resource

Basically, this a place for writers to hang out. It contains a bit of everything: entertaining columns, information on how to get published, writing news, discussion threads. If you write for enjoyment, this is a good place to bookmark, and the discussions are interesting. EK

The Write News

This is a news 'zine on the publishing industry, dealing with the 'boring stuff' of company buyouts and such. It reviews many different e-zines, so if you'd like to write for an e-zine, this would be a good place to find what's out there and what's new. EK

Common Errors in English

If you have trouble with words, this is a great place to check your usage. The site lists comon word errors, misspoken cliches and pedant's favoured irritants; know when to use troupe or troop, know that people wear *straitjackets*, learn to take a different tack - not tact. EK


The Slot - Spot for Copy Editors

National Writers Union

The National Writers Union, although American, can shed light on many issues for people in the writing industry. It is a trade union for freelance writers of all genres;Striving to improve the economic and working conditions of writers. They provide on the web ways to receive help; grievance resolution, contract assistance, health insurance etc. They also provide information on job availability and allow you to list yourself on the page so that employers can find you. There is also a section called writers alert. This advises writers of crucial events or new evolvements in the industry, keeping them up-to-date on things they should know. The web page includes information from contract advise, health and safety to political issues. It covers a wide arena, probably more for the well developed writers. SS

A Spelling Test

I am a really bad speller. Check out this web site. Although I have learned to spell these words a thousand times, I still can't get them right. I'm that every one will agree with me. I suggest that everybody do this test. I garantee (another one of those words), that you will feel pretty dumb afterwards. Can anybody who gets 50/50 (maybe even 30/50), please tell me about it. Your a WIZ! if you do. SS

Writer's Toolbox

The Copyright Website

Garbl's Writing Resources On Line
        An annotated directory of web sites that focus on English grammar, style, usage, words, active writing, reference
        sources, plain language, online writing experts, word play and books on writing. AB

Grammar Help Page

A website from Finland. This website has an extensive array of links which go into pedantic detail to teach every facet of the English language to the assumed non-speaker and academic alike. Strangely enough the layout, colours of at least the home page is what one could stereotype as being "Finnish" - the moderate colour, non-demanding links/text, etc. I highly recommend checking out the section "Interactive Language Exercises on the Web made by Ruth (challenging!), and her students" it is a bit of a winner and fun, too if youre into word games. This site is Ok but contains too much information for my personal liking - although some may approve of its extensive detail. AB

Screenwriters Online

This website is for budding screenwriters and I guess established veterans as well. One can enrol in Online Master Screenwriting Classes with such big Hollywood names as Alan Ball [American Beauty]; Rodney Vaccaro [Three to Tango] or Akiva Goldsman [Batman Forever]. It seems this is a useful site especially due to the online help one can receive. In terms of presentation the home page is too large. Although there are not too many links the colours and advertisements give the page a sloppy, highlighted image which smacks too much of corporate US. If youre into screenwriting this may be useful for you although there may be better sites out there. AB


Fiction Writer's Connection

Guide to Grammar and Writing

Grammar Handbook


Writer's Exchange

Writing and Writers

Robin's Nest - How Can Writers Use the Internet?

Tips, Tools, & Ideas to Improve Your Writing - guide to getting published

This is an online site for writers, containing articles on screenwriting language, and publishing. The homepage has links to other writers' magazines and these offer practical as well as theoretical advice. 
A well organised site although there is a fair bit of advertising. JS

A Writer's Choice Literary Journal

This site really appealed to me as it is not limited to prose type works but includes a fair amount of poetry. Some of the links don't work so it is a bit frustrating trying to find a site sometimes. JS

General Writing Resources

This is a very useful site that contains links for grammar as well as advice on different styles of 
writing for example research papers. It discusses word useage and also how to write a Thesis statement. 
(Whatever that is)!..Other sites include drama resources and speech and writing. This is a site I will 
definitely be bookmarking. JS

The Phrase Finder - collection of phrases

This site contains a large collection of English phrases and sayings. You can use it as a thesaurus, a reference guide or to give meanings to old sayings. KL

Patrick Rael - Writing Guides

Freelance Writing

Contains alot of useful articles that could be helpful if you want to freelance your work. It also has a lot of weird contests you can join, such as Show Your Horse. You have to send a photograph of your horse and a short story. Your prize is a drawn or painted portrait of your horse by an amateur artist. Never Fear we are assured it looks good! KL


A Guide for Writing Research Papers

This site focuses on putting together your research paper, the types of resources you can use, how to cite them and gives examples of how to quote in-text. This is the most useful part of this site. The rest is basic and some is also common-knowledge for 2nd year students - for example,taking notes from sources and gathering materials. If you're not sure what material you could use in your research paper, or how to quote it, this site will point you in the right direction. BC 


The Write Resource

If you are already writing professionally, this is the site for you. Featuring book reviews, author interviews, job listings and chat boards, as well as specialty sections on many modes of writing and lots of resource links, this site may come in handy. However, if you are trying to write for uni or creatively, search for something else because you won't get much here. BC 

A Guide for Writing Research Papers

Online Resources for Writers

This website has been created especially for 'college' essays. It tells you everything you need to know about the process of writing a good essay. It's probably more useful for first year students, so they can get an idea of what's expected of them. Though, it could be useful to other students as well. JG

Writer Online

If you are interested in writing this is a website to check out. It's got information on contests and publications to conferences. JG

Writers help and support in one convenient location

This website has everything form warnings of unlegitiment agents to articles for journalists. Everything you need to know about getting published to marketing your own work. JG

Writers Write - Links & Resources for Writers

This is as the URL suggests an American list of links. Notably they have a list of Australian links there. Particularly this section is useful to those intersted in romance-writing. As for the other links I could only explore the links in one area in any depth. The 'comedy' links seemed more aimed at fans than professionals. Lots of links to lots of commercial sites, but I wasn't able to find any practical tools. But if you have the time the list of links is so huge that there has to be a lot of useful stuff there in other sections. LG

the Courtyard - Resource Page for New Writers

This seems like a very usefull site indeed. It is maintained by an individual whose name (Besides Erica) does not appear as far as I can see, but the links found here are numerous and useful. Particularly one section called the 'Job Barrel'. Here links to publishers, established, electronic etc. can be found as well as links to sites finding writers for clients with work or sipmly sites of people who offer work themselves directly. There is a Bulletin Board here which is always useful. Bear in mind that this is an American site, so most of the content on the BBS is region-specific. Th site also supports good causes such as The national Center For Missing and Exploited Children in the States and animal rights groups. LG 

Poets&Writers Online

This is a very comprehensive site dealing with most issues an independent writer might face while trying to get noticed by the big end of town. They have on line news up-dates from the writing industyr( mostly who won what award for what). This one (from Feb 21) contained a stroy on how senator Edward Kennedy in the States wants to introduce 'book-stamps' , similar to the existing 'food stamps', to increase literacy among small disadvantaged kids. They also offer on - line classes in for example pitching a novel, how female writers can avoid pitfalls particular to them etc. They also advertise in-person seminars here. In fact they devoted the most space in this section to the seminars which have already past. That was unnecessary I would tink, but it's their call.. LG

Online Resources for Writers

This site is well developed and contains some very useful tools such as dictionaries and thesauruses. It also contains a grammar guide which is American and therefore may not be suited to all work done in Australia. There are articles from writing conferences which are highly beneficial and informative. It also has some fun crosswords and puzzles. Probably the best thing about this site is it’s vast amount of links to other writing resources. AM

John's Writing Resources

This is a fun site dedicated to the top 10 or worst 10 of many categories such as movies, music, literature, presidents etc. It is an amusing and unusual site but fairly useless for any writing tips. AM

Research & Writing - high school and college students

This is a highly detailed site dealing with all the issues of writing a paper for school or ‘college’. It covers all subjects imaginable such as how to pick a topic, how to prepare to write, where to get information, some search strategies and how to actually write the paper. This site is highly beneficial because it takes the audience through the process of writing a paper step by step. It is very well written, to the point and easy to understand. It also has some valuable links to other writing sites. AM


References for Writing

Paradigm - Online Writing Assistant

The Arrow - A Tool For Writers

Essays on the Craft of Dramatic Writing

This site is basically a collection of essays focussed around the art of storytelling in different mediums such as screenplays, novels and plays. Some of the essays explore the functional aspects of stoytelling, such as plot, dramatic characters and capturing an audience, and others look a reviewing and writing a synopsis for these mentioned mediums. Bill Johnson, the creator site , reviews many contemporary and classic scripts for their dramatic quality. The site is very text heavy and you may find Johnson self-promoting his own book, however, there are opportunities for the avid script writer to actually get their work reviewed, and links for workshops and script writing. NM

Two Minute Mystery Writing Club

I imagine that the mystery enthusiast would love this site, but I say 'imagine' because mystery writing is not my cup of tea. The site is a writing community for mystery writers, which you can subscribe to and submit your own stories. You can explore short stories, try to nut out a mystery, or submit your own mystery to be cracked. The site is directed at a younger audience with a kids club and opportunities for
students to communicate and collaborate on projects. Interesting for a look at writing communities available to young people. NM

ClipCentral - Home of ClipCopy Newsletter Fillers

If you want to know same of the basics about desktop publishing, this site might be worth considering. It looks at producing newsletters and e-zines, and is is mostly directed at small businesses. However, you'll have to become a member to get the full benefits of this site, which of course you'll have to pay for. If you're interested though it's worth seeing how much you can get out of the site, which will not incur a
charge. NM



This page is quick to load, with few graphics and one dominant colour. It is easy to read, there is only one font and information is clearly broken up into paragraphs, allowing the user to bypass what they are not interested in. Navigating may take a little time unless the user is aware of exactly what they are looking for. Ther are a variety of sources which begin with general information and proceed through a series of links to more specific information. This includes answers to questions with examples. Navigating is simple because all the pages are interlinked, allowing the user to return to the main title page easily. While the help file leads to specific information, finding the main body of the text if looking for an answer to a question will take three to four clicks. This is however quite fast due to short loading times. Other files include Research links, dictionary, tips, ezines and author resources. This page seems very useful for those people who have already done some thinking about what they want to find. Browsers may find the page frustrating. The page includes a lot of information, resources and links. This page is reccomended for people looking for specific information. Resources for students, writers, teachers and researchers. AM

Self-Publishing Made Easy

Guide to Writing a Basic Essay



Web Frequency Indexer - Word Count

This is a page dedicated to presenting people's work online. The expectations of the people running it and the costs are clearly stated after being opened through a prominant menu option. The menus are clear and well organised, two or three clicks will allow the user to view other people's work. However, I could not locate a feedback mechanism. News and current events in the writing world are provided along with tips as to what publishers are looking for. Interesting for those people who want to look at current writing and know writing news. AM 

Writing for the Web

"Writing for the Web" is a site designed to aid authors producing material for online publication, usually non-fiction articles for online-magazine-type productions. It contains guidelines on such points as length of material, language style, establishing credibility and effective use of hyperlinks in the article. It's a short and snappy, yet very effective, site. NT

Profreading and Copy Editing

Proofreading and copy editing services to make your print and online content effective and error-free. This is a business site. For people wanting to review their own work and needing information, this is useless. Users wanting their work professionally editing can email this person from this site and obtain such a service, at an unspecified cost. It is difficult to figure out what this site offers, the information is not clearly presented. AM

Content Exchange

Content Exchange lets online writers, editors, and other content creators advertise their services

Published! How to Reach Writing Success

This site bills itself as "The Net's Most Useful Collection of FREE Advice on Getting Published and Making a Living as a Writer". It may well be so; but the terrible appearance doesn't inspire you to check. Once you get past the first page, the articles do seem quite useful and informative, although they're all by the same woman, who sets herself up as an authority and repeats this on every page. NT

Ideas, strategies and advice on how to get your manuscript published are the meat of this site. If your work is ready to go on the market but you don't know how to go about it, this is probably a good site for 
background information to the publishing industry. It also has info like the need to be aware of your connections in the writing world, such as editors, and their role in the getting-published process. Some of the articles are quite interesting - like sniffing out scams, finding hidden markets and preparing your manuscript for submission - as they all come in the form of advice and experiences of an author/columnist/writing coach. BC 

Proposal Writing


The Art of Writing E-mail

This page was very well designed and thought out. The page contains some very useful tools, which are all briefly explained under headings such as books online, getting published, creative writing, etc. The site is very helpful to all writing needs and problems, it meets a variety of writing demands. There is even a library online. I found it very useful and will come back to it during major projects. NT

Technical Writing

Art of Writing - Five Golden Rules for Beginning Writers

This site provides useful ideas on how to avoid writers block and meeting goals on time. KL

Creative Writing Contest

Creative Writing Contest open to all writers of Poetry, Short Stories and Essays. Work will be published in a book, and there are over $80 000.00 in cash prizes including scholarships for post secondary students

The Story Exchange
        The Story Exchange is a great place for anyone who loves to read to find great short stories, essays, vignettes,
        and poetry, and a place for writers to come together.

An interesting place to visit for hints on how-to-get-published, and also a place worth trying out, I guess, for those who want to publish on-line. Quite a few really good short stories are to be found here, and the general design of the site makes it pleasant to visit. SU

The Libyrinth

The Libyrinth is a website devoted to the works of twentieth century authors

Design wise: very nice I thought. A pleasant place to surf and visit. It does however seem that the amount of information on century authors that is available is quite limited. What is there though, seems quite in depth and thorough. SU 

Write Advice

A professional and free writing resource featuring: Where to for Writers (a detailed and user-friendly writing directory), free articles and direct links to thousands more, award winning ezine, low-cost critiques, fiction, and more.

Welcome to scrolling mania! Not my favourite of sites to visit really as far as lay out goes, but I do assume it is a helpful place when looking for pointers and help with regards to writing styles, improvement and the pursuit of getting published. SU